Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bill Hybels, the man in black

Earlier I watched a video by Mark Driscoll. I love that guy, absolutely hilarious, irreverent and dead on. Anyway, I'm sitting here listening to Bill Hybels who is an amazing visionary. He is dressed in black in the 90 degree heat of Orlando. That is courageous leadership as his book describes. Anyway, He talks about the fact that we need to have a holy discontent before we plant churches, not simply a 'hankering.' He also challenged us to dream big and commit our lives to it. We need to walk by faith and not by sight.

By the way, go to SHAPEVINE.COM for a new interesting learning community all about church planting and reaching lost people.

Back to Bill. He's an incredibly humble man for someone who has literally changed the world for the kingdom of God. (and he's not even spirit-filled, amazing--note the dripping sarcasm) He encouraged us to remember that God works in the unseen world and He is active even when it doesn't seem that He is. We need to simply walk by faith.

Determine to take the high road and live your life as an open book. He quoted a recent survey in corporate America as to what was the most important thing to them in their CEO. They replied that their # 1 desire was to have a CEO with INTEGRITY. The final thing that He discussed was that moves of God have started with a defining moment. Then he offered everyone to subscribe to the WCA and to get his defining moments c.d.'s. (Kidding) He asked us what our defining moment is right now that is causing us to risk it all for the kingdom. What do we need to say Yes to in that moment. Now I must leave, pack my family and go to the airport. God's telling me stuff, still trying to sort it our but I look forward to it anyway.