Monday, April 30, 2007

Mark Driscoll makes me laugh, very interesting

I was looking for a video that we watched at the church planting conference that I thought was pretty good by the ever controversial Mark Driscoll. I found a few short clips that I thought were pretty entertaining and interesting on YouTube. He always seems to start a firestorm of discussion. The conference video is first, click the link, church planting video from conference. I thought the next video, demise of denominations video was pretty good and his explanation on the emerging church movement was interesting, emergent versus emerging church . All in all he really makes me think, what do you think?
On a separate but equally as important note, I think 24 is heating up and that Audrey now has a mental disorder brought on by not seeing Jack for 2 years. Also, I predict that they will keep Ricky Shroeder on the show for a few years and that one day he will be violent enough to replace Jack as the superhero that we know and love. Great show, I'm ready for the plot twists.