Friday, May 11, 2007

A really great book!

I've been reading a new book off and on these last few weeks called, "Contrarian's Guide to Knowing God," by Larry Osbourne. I met Larry at a conference a few weeks ago and I was really impressed with normalcy. Sounds odd I know, but a lot of Pastors especially can be abnormal (I'm living proof), especially ones of really big churches. Anyway, Larry does a masterful job of explaining things that I always knew weren't true but believed them anyway. Back to the book, I'll give you a quick snipet (is that a word?) and let you check out the book. Trust me, it is worth the read. Some of you will get it and argue with it, I know I have. I guess that's because I didn't want to believe that I could be wrong on spiritual topics after all these years of 'spiritual growth.' I'll probably post some thoughts from the book over the next few weeks and let you share your thoughts. Feel free to post your thoughts that agree and don't agree. Chapter 13 of Larry's book is called, "Best Practices Overload--a comparison's curse." I'll give you quote from Page 140. "...I realize that most of my motivation to emulate all the strengths and traits I admired in others didn't come from listening to the voice of God. It came from trying to please friends and mentors who all assumed that their calling must by my calling. I was surprised by the new sense of freedom and renewed focus I experienced once I no longer felt the need to match up to everyone else's best practices of the Christian faith. I was finally free to focus on the unique passions and gifts God had given me. Instead of constantly feeling inadequate about the areas where I didn't match up, I started to notice and rejoice in all the areas where I did. I became a better me, rather than just a poor copy of someone else." Have you ever over-compared yourself to the spiritual giants around you and found that you just don't measure up?