Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Starbucks and the meaning of life

I read a great blog by Seth Godin who is a marketing genius. He reminds as that it's never to late to become what we always thought we could. What does that mean in your life, job, ministry? You decide, the article is below...

Too late? (

Here's today's entrepreneurial trivia question:

Even after Starbucks had five stores and more than 20 employees, which item was unavailable for purchase at their stores:
Hot Coffee
Frappucino® blended beverage

Actually, it's a trick question. The answer is 'all of the above.' It wasn't until several years after the company was up and running that they realized it would be a good idea to sell any beverages at all. All they sold was beans (but you could get a free taste of coffee if you asked nicely).

It might not be too late to fix your marketing/story/product mix.