Monday, May 7, 2007

What would you do if you could do anything?

I know we can't do whatever we want. We all have responsibilities such as spouses, children, fido and the rest. I had a chance to spend some time with friends of mine who are pastors and leaders in various communities and I asked them what their dream was. Not some stale sisified Christian response that we'd smile and wave our used hankies in agreement. We were talking about what we wanted to spend our days doing. So we all went around the table and shared. Some had detailed dreams while others were still figuring out what their dream was. Most everyone at the table was not fulfilling their dream. We have a tendency to tuck our dreams away and not share them or live them because of our feelings of inadequacy. What if the burden or dream that God has placed on your heart isn't merely an option that God is giving you but is more of an expectation. I'm a firm believer that God allows us to see things so that we can do something about it and not simply complain that it's not being done. What is the God-driven dream that you have tucked away or have given up on? I just met with a wonderful lady in our church who is starting a prayer ministry in her community. Right now it's just her and a dream that God could transform that entire town. She didn't realize that God has been stirring me to hopefully plant a church there in the next 2 years over these last few months. In fact, probably only 4-5 people know that (including the possible church planter). There is no way in telling how God will meet us as we step into the unknown and follow the burden that He places on our hearts. Maybe we'll fail. Maybe our dreams will fall apart or worse yet become a nightmare. Or maybe, just maybe, we can live the life and do the things that we've always dreamed of for the Kingdom of God.