Saturday, June 30, 2007

My new favorite topic

Here is another link about my new favorite political topic. A new article out today is yet another refutation of the global warming religion. I'm all for taking care of the earth, but it is not the greatest moral issue of our day. If you've watched the interesting but propaganda filled, "Inconvenient Truth," here is another interesting non-partisan response. click here

On another note, tomorrow we're asking the question, "What Drives Your Life?" So what does? The world is driven by sex, money, entertainment and so on... Ultimately it is meaningless but very seductive. We are constantly tempted to sit in the driver seat of our lives and do what we want whenever we want to. This is a huge question, what is driving you? Is it stuff or eternity? Consider it, think about it and evaluate. The stakes are eternal. More to come on this topic...