Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Every few months I meet with a group of Pastors from the Pittsburgh & Philly area. They are a great bunch of guys that I am privileged to enjoy life together with. We always have a blast and life shaping experiences all in about 48 hours. I am fortunate to have great friends that really care about me. I am just thinking of the many friends that I have, some I am closer to than others, but each one brings a huge blessing to my life. Life is so short and we need to be wise about the kind of friends that we allow to speak into our lives and influence our daily actions. We need to allow people into our lives that will encourage us toward the greatness that God has reserved for us. Do you have friends like that? If so, thank God for them and make sure you show them some appreciation. If not, pray and ask God for some friends that will love you and take care of you. Make sure you begin to carve out time for those relationships because God is already sending them your way. Enjoy your friends this week!