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You've heard the term, "the right of way." It basically means that the other person in the other car, or the person crossing the street, gets to go before you. It's about treating others according to the laws, showing respect, preference and kindness too. In that same way, every day you encounter many different kinds of people. Some are very delightful. Some are very difficult. Some of them are inspiring. Some of them are irritating, fascinating, intimidating. The fact is, a lot of the problems we have in life are because of personality conflicts. We don't get along with people. When your relationships are bad, life can be bad or even miserable. It's very important that we learn how to get along with other people and to give them the right away.

James 3:13-18, "And those who are peacemakers will plant seeds of peace and reap a harvest of goodness." vs. 18 (LB)

* wisdom is a lifestyle (vs. 13) Meaning, it's is not an issue of intelligence as much as it is an issue of character.

"Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show it by his good life..."

* Lack of wisdom causes all kinds of problems (vs. 14 16)

"... disharmony and all other kinds of evil ..." (Ph)


It's all about being pure and living the right way. If I'm really genuine, if I'm wise, I'm not going to lie to you, I'm not going to cheat you, I'm not going to manipulate you, I'm not going to be deceitful. I'll be a person of integrity. Because all relationships are built on trust and respect. If you are a pedestrian getting ready to cross the street and a car waves you on, you want to know that they aren't going to hit the gas and injure you. Trust and Integrity is vital.

"The wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure."

"The man of integrity walks securely" Prov. 10:9


We've all cut someone off in traffic unintentionally and caused the horns to honk. It's one thing to do it by accident, but another to do it on purpose. We need to be careful not to compare, condemn or contradict others in order to make them lose it. If I'm smart, if I'm wise in my relationships, I won't compromise my integrity and I won't antagonize your anger.
Proverbs 14:29 "A wise man controls his temper. He knows that anger causes mistakes." How many of you have ever done something stupid in anger? Anger causes mistakes.

"Wisdom is ... peace loving"

"Any fool can start arguments" the wise thing is to stay out of them." Prov. 20:3 (GN)

"A wise man controls his temper. He knows that anger causes mistakes." Prov. 14:29 (LB)

I'll post ways that we can give people the 'right of way' in part 2 later today! Let God speak to you, I know He's screaming to me!

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