Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Great Day

I'm a pretty driven guy and I have a tendency to always plan for the next thing. The next service, the next meeting, the next month or year. But I'm trying to learn (as I approach 34 years of age this year) to enjoy each day. Today wasn't the greatest day of my life or anything like that. I wasn't given a million dollars, I didn't have another child and 5,000 people didn't show up at our weekend service but it was a great day. Here's the recap.
I got to meet someone new at our church today before the service at our meet the pastors get together. Good guy, it was cool to hang out and share some stories.
My family walked in as I was doing a sound check minutes before the service was to begin. My kids were so cute and Carter was especially excited to see me. That was a great feeling. I love my family.
The service was good. Worship was kick'in and God was definitely in the house. It was nice to have a lot of the church family there today. The message went pretty well and people responded to follow Christ and to take steps to live out their faith.
After service I spent about an hour with a visiting team from a church in West Chester that wanted to see our children's ministry and hear our churches story.
-not great part of the day, cleaning our house for 2 hours after being exhausted from a long weekend of ministry and running out to buy a new dvd player so that we could start our Alpha series with our small group-
We had our small group meeting (10 adults, 12 kids packed into our house) and we enjoyed a great time together. It is so good to get together with friends and encourage one another.
Finally, the kids are in bed and the house is back together. We often take the mundane for granted and miss the great pleasure of simple moments. What a great day, (also exhausting, thank God for personal days) I have a lot to be thankful for. How about you?