Monday, February 4, 2008

Blog Message, Part 2, "Give People The Right Of Way"

3. Give people the right of way by not minimizing their feelings.

"Wisdom is ... considerate" "gentle" (GN) "courteous" (LB)
"Kind words bring life, but cruel words crush your spirit." Prov. 15:4

This is a tough one to do, especially when someone's feelings are biased and off base. You can still listen even without agreeing with the other person. Other times you just don't want to hear what someone else has to say, even if it is legit. This one is tough, especially for married couples. (experience tells me)

4. Give people the right of way by not criticizing their opinions or suggestions.

"A fool thinks he needs no advice. A wise man listens to others." Prov. 12:15 (LB)
This is a great verse to remember, especially when you believe you are always right. I never struggle with this one, how about you?

5. Give people the right of way by not focusing on their mistakes.

"Love forgets mistakes; nagging about them parts the best of friends." Prov. 17:9 (LB)
We all blow it from time to time. When you focus on extending grace to others during times of struggles, you fulfill the mission of Christ himself. So look for someone this week that needs God's mercy. Look for someone who has done something really stupid and caused a wreck out of their lives and the lives of others. When you find them, offer God's grace. Give them the right of way.