Monday, June 23, 2008

Great devo from today

I just got this from Ed Young's ministry today, enjoy!

What causes fights and quarrels among you?
James 4:1

Did you realize that you don't have to wear camouflage or be stationed overseas to experience combat? Everyday, you and I can find ourselves engaged in different conflicts. And one of those is verbal conflict. Some of those conflicts are battles; others are full-blown wars.

Have you heard of the military weapon called the 'smart bomb'? It's a bomb that is designed to hit a specific target.

Well, when we find ourselves immersed in verbal battles with people in our lives, so often our weapon of choice is a 'dumb bomb'. We launch those vocal bombs to assassinate someone's character or destroy their self-esteem. But unlike the smart bomb the military uses, our dumb bombs explode and not only damage the person we're attacking, but also they end up damaging us.

God doesn't want quarreling, back-biting or fighting to be part of our verbal arsenal. Instead, he wants us to use words that build others up and create a sense of his ultimate peace. Life is too short for fussing and fighting. Instead, look for ways to create the peace.

A Prayer for Today

Dear God, It can be so easy to launch verbal missiles at people I disagree with or don't like. Help me in those situations to create peace and understanding rather than dissention and destruction. Help me to communicate only words that will point others to you. In Jesus. name I pray, Amen.