Monday, July 7, 2008

God's Answers to Life's Difficult Questions, Pt. 1- Stress

I'm currently reading a book by Rick Warren called, "God's Answers to Life's Difficult Questions." I figured I would blog about it for the next week or so and share some of my thoughts (and Rick's) about various questions. Above is a picture of Rick & I (real deal, not photoshop enhanced) when we met a few months ago at an event. I'm sure He is fulfilling one of his life dreams by co-writing this blog with me for the week or 2 via his book. Anyway... Here we go with the first question!

Question #1- How Can I Cope With Stress?

I don't know about you but I have stress in my life so I like to revisit this topic just about every other day. We will be dedicating an entire series to this when we kick off our fall in a few weeks with a series called, SIMPLE- a simple guide to surviving your stressed out life. (or something like that) Remember that today matters. As John Maxwell writes, "we have a tendency to over-estimate what we can accomplish tomorrow and we under-estimate what we can accomplish today." With that said, here are some thoughts about coping with stress.

1. IDENTIFICATION-Know who you are. (John 8:12)
2. DEDICATION-Know who you are trying to please. (John 5:30)
3. ORGANIZATION-Know what you're trying to accomplish. (John 8:14)
4. CONCENTRATION-Focus on one thing at a time. (Luke 4:42)
5. DELEGATION-Don't do it all yourself. (Mark 3:13)
6. MEDITATION-Make a habit of personal prayer. (Mark 1:35)
7. RECREATION-Take time off to enjoy life. (Mark 6:31)
8. TRANSFORMATION-Give your stress to Christ. (Matthew 11:28-30)

What are 2 or 3 of the principles that you need to deal with most right now?
What are 3 specific ways that you can simplify your life this week?