Tuesday, July 22, 2008

You have been marked!

Sunday was a great day for our church. We celebrated our young people returning from London, England and they did a fantastic job of sharing and praying over our church. I talked about changing our legacy as we finished our series in Philemon. The bottom line for those of us that are Christ-followers is that we are new creations! The moment that we received Christ, it marked our lives and we became forever different. I told the story of Jacob in the Old Testament (Genesis 32) and how God touched him and he was changed. The scriptures teach us that he wrestled with God and from that night on he walked different. It wasn't simply that God touched his thigh and changed his physical capabilities. Jacob wrestled with who he was (vs. 27). He was a deceiver. That was his legacy. But that night he owned up to who he was and God touched him and changed his name and his legacy. God will do the same with us if we fight through our past and embrace our future in Him. Before I forget, I told the story about my son Colby biting and marking my son Caleb. I said I would post the pics so here they are!