Friday, October 24, 2008

Wave Conference Thoughts

Here are a few thoughts from the different speakers at the wave conference. Obviously there is a lot of great content from the messages but here are a few thoughts:

From Pastor Mark Crow ( from the morning session yesterday.
Thought #1- The ruled of God, submit to the plan of God & become the leader's of God.
Thought #2- A.T.A.T.- Accumulated Time Alone Together. Grow your relationship with God, your spouse and others by spending time together.
From Joel Houston ( from last night.
Thought #1- When we forsake the lives of others, we forsake our own lives. (1 John 4:7)
Thought #2- God is not asking you to do it all, He's simply asking for you to give your all.
From Bayless Conley ( from the morning session today.
Thought #1- One wrong thought kept an entire generation out of the promised land & one wrong thought can keep you from your destiny.
Thought #2- Prosperity without an external perspective is dangerous.