Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nintendo Wii, bruised forehead & change

On Sunday night I had some friends over to watch the opening night of the hit series, "24." Prior to the show starting, I set up the Nintendo Wii that we have been borrowing and I allowed my kids to play some games with our guests. I sat on the couch directly in front of the television set and my son was about 4 feet in front of me playing his heart out. Just for the record, I told him to put the little wrist band that keeps the controller connected to his body around his wrist more than once. Problem, I never showed him exactly how, nor did I force him to do so. I now force him to do so! He was playing Wii bowling & accidentally threw a strike at my head with the controller as it escaped his hand. Before I knew what hit me, it hit me. Dead center in the forehead and exploded into many pieces. So what does change have to do with getting hit by a Nintendo Wii game controller in the head. Everything! Not really, but it does help with this point.
We as Christians, become very comfortable in our routine. We go through the week, work, enjoy our favorite t.v. shows, friends & family and that's it. We go to a church service, find our favorite seat and enjoy the service & move on. We know that many times we aren't reaching people & we say that we would like to do so. We often don't pray, read the Bible or make any attempt to share the good news of Jesus Christ with someone in need, but we say that we would like to do so. Just as I didn't force my son to hold the controller properly until it hit me square in the head, we won't change things in our lives & churches until the pain forces change.
To help people experience the transformative power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, what are you willing to change in your life? It is the natural bent of each of to resist the necessary changes as long as possible. I pray that we would realize that the pain of people not being reached with the incredible message of Jesus Christ is already too great not to change.
If you are a Pastor or church leader, stop living in fear of the potential grumbling of a few people because of a change that you need to make. Follow God's Spirit & be willing take a step. The Israelites would have chosen the chains of Egypt over the splendor of the Promised Land if Moses wouldn't have led them.LEAD!!!
If you a Christ-follower, re-evaluate & make changes in your life as if you had one month to live, because you may! Pray, fast, read the Word & share your faith. Shake up the routine and step out into the unknown as God leads you! FOLLOW!!!
If you don't want to do any of those things, GET OUT OF THE WAY of those who do and make sure to watch your head!