Friday, February 27, 2009

Christ For The Nations- Session #4- How To Avoid The Worse Ministry Experience Of Your Life

Below are some of the links that I referenced in my talk. It is obviously not possible to avoid the worst ministry experience of your life, but learning to ask good questions going in is just as important as praying about taking that step. A few keys that have helped me to hang tough during difficult ministry seasons:
Positive- Always keep a positive Spirit. God works everything together for our good.
Promises- Remember the promises of God because He is faithful.
Passion- Always keep the flame of God's Spirit burning in your heart. Nothing great is ever accomplished without passion.
Preparation- Your current season is always preparation for the next, so be a lifelong learner.
Perspective- The Creator of the universe is for you and not against you. He can turn the tide in a moment so make sure that your thoughts are His thoughts. See life from God's perspective, not simply the temporary problems of the day.

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Research websites that have helpful content. Many have free e-newsletters that are packed full of wisdom & insight for ministry issues.