Monday, March 2, 2009

...going through tough times?

Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed or discouraged? God has the answer for every question that we have about the seasons of our lives. If you are feeling down, don't stay down! Here are a few thoughts that I recently read by Pastor Jentzen Franklin that I believe will encourage you...

Meditate on God's Word (Psalm 119:15-16): Meditate literally means to "self talk." When you face the toughest seasons of your life, get in the Word and repeat the promises of God. Remind yourself of God's goodness, love and power. Talk about the victory and blessings that are yours as a child of God!

Stay planted (Psalm 1:3): When times get tough, don't bolt. Stay planted in your marriage. Stay planted in the house of God. Stay planted in prayer and in the Word. Determine that no matter what, you will stay rooted in God. He is the source of your peace and power. God is faithful and He cares for you. He knows your need. He will not abandon nor forsake you.

Raise the praise (Psalm 76:1): When you make the praises of God known, He will fight your battle. When you enter into the place of praise and make the blessings of God known, He will break the weapons of your enemy.

If you want to win, learn to praise. Are you going to let fear and worry rule your life . . . or are you going to speak about the blessings and goodness of God? Are you going to give God power through your praise? When you fill your life with praise and meditate on God's Word, there's no room for defeat and depression in your life. When you praise, you release the power and authority of God. That's when you can be victorious in your toughest times!