Thursday, April 23, 2009

The God Questions, Part 2- "Do All Roads Lead To Heaven?"

We are in the midst of an important series called, "The God Questions?" This past week we answered the question, "do all roads lead to God?" The answer is simply this, "yes!" All paths do lead to God but do not necessarily lead to heaven. Regardless of our choices we will all stand before God and it will lead us to His justice or mercy. How can I so confidently declare that we will all stand before the Christian God and give an account of our lives? Isn't that a little arrogant? It depends, I suppose. It's only arrogant if it's not true. Obviously, I believe that it is true! But I also believe that the answer is not simply an issue of faith, but of philosophy, logic, reason and world views.

Some people erroneously believe that all religions are the same & that any path that you take leads to a chocolate heaven with some nice old senile guy with a name tag that says, "Jehovah." The reality is that no one really believes the assertion that all religions are the same. Let me prove my point. If everyone is right, then no one is wrong. Of course we all believe that there are beliefs that are wrong. Sacrificing innocent little babies to angry gods or torturing your loved ones to appease the holy one sound a little off. These are also ways that people have used to get to appease the gods & somehow attain heaven throughout history. We tend to back away from the 'all religions or paths are the same' nonsense upon further review. The tendency at that point is to make arbitrary statements about certain religions being good and the fact that we know certain things are wrong and so on. We basically begin to appeal to a Christian worldview which is the foundation of logic, morality, reason and so on. As the Apostle Paul alludes to in Romans chapter 1, we all assume Christianity & are secret believers. The Christian view of the world is ultimately the only world view that holds together after an internal critique of it's claims.

This may sound outlandish upon first glimpse, or may be moderately confusing to some. Nonetheless, a solid defense of the Christianity is simply that it is the lone view that makes sense of logic, reason & morality. This reality has yet to be disproved. Discredited & made fun of, yes. Disproved, no. For further study & more in-depth analysis on the topic, click on the links below.
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Good books to read as a resource-
Kingdom of the Cults, by Walter Martin
The Reason For God, by Tim Keller
*Mere Christianity, by C.S. Lewis