Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Leadership Thoughts

I just spent the evening with some of our amazing small group leaders and we watched a talk by Mark Sanborn. He as a great book called, "The Fred Factor." ( Here are some thoughts from his talk.

-You make a difference every single day.
-You either add to the people around you or you take away. There is no neutrality.
-We are all ordinary people with the opportunity to do the extraordinary.
-The first job of leadership is to prove significance.
-Stop wanting your children to only be happy. Desire that they would be at the very least would be good but invite them to be great.
-If you want to have great relationships, don't seek to be interesting, seek to be interested!
-Don't try & replicate your life, innovate your life. Be creative.
-The most important thing is love. God is love, when you find God, you find love.

Question- Have you accepted the invitation to be great? Have you invited anyone else to be great?