Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Year End Report for 2008

I am giving my year end report and casting vision for this year to our church family. Here are a few thoughts. 2008 was an incredible year! We have so many amazing leaders that make our church such a pleasure to be a part of! Last year was incredibly challenging on so many levels but absolutely amazing! Below are more specifics in regards to the Vision & Mission of our church...

We Exist (our vision)-
To help people experience the freedom & life that God has to offer so that they can become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.
This past year we witnessed...
*we experienced explosive growth as a church with hundreds of visitors
*over 500 people committed to weekly attendance
*22 people took a step of obedience in water baptism
*almost half of our church stepped up and served
*our giving to missions & tithes increased
*We raised funds for 5 church plants (1 in Philly, 4 in Cuba)
*our favor in the community continued to grow
*over $8,000 given to local fire departments through our community comedy night!

Our Mission-

Our church is like a table where people come to experience the bread of life. Each one of us should do 3 things at the table.
*Bring- Bring people to the table, the local church.
*Build- Build relationships at the table through small groups.
*Serve- Serve one another at the table through ministry.

As a church, we took some great steps in following through with our mission. I'm so thankful and excited for 2009 as we 'chase the lion' together! God is doing incredible things & I'm so stoked that I get to play a part in all it!