Monday, July 27, 2009

Thoughts About Kingdom Culture

Once again, I've noticed something this summer... weeds grow without necessitating water, food or attention. Weeds overtake lawns, gardens & mulch by crowding out whatever is in its path. I can pull weeds out, use weed spray & take all of the necessary precautions but they always seem to find a way to invade my yard! If you're going to have a weed-free lawn & garden, you will need to stay focused! Over the last few weeks I've been talking about establishing a Kingdom Culture in our lives. If you want to build a Kingdom-centered life, you need to be ever-aware of the weeds that will grow in your life & try to crowd out the Kingdom. It's the little things in our every day life that make the difference. Let's defeat the weeds in our lives this summer by establishing a Kingdom culture in our lives!

Here are a few thoughts about culture from Lyall Mercer...
"While every nation and every community has an overall culture, within the larger entity are a multitude of smaller units – families, companies, organizations, minority groups, government entities, churches and others - each with their own microculture. A revelation of the importance of intentionally creating the right microculture for our unit is essential for the unit’s success.
Developing the correct microculture leads to power, influence, success, protecting our unit against negative forces of the wider general culture and in many cases bringing positive change to the wider culture. For some units – like the church – its very survival depends on developing a counter-culture to the world around it.
Culture is formed by design or default – and too many microcultures are created by default. When we fail to implement the culture we want, we end up getting the culture we don’t want – and that culture becomes so embedded in the life of the unit, that it ends up being the controlling force for the future. When a negative or damaging culture becomes this controlling, it can be impossible to change and the result can lead to total destruction of the unit – be it family, organisation, company or church."
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