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How To Live A Miraculous Life!

This week I read a fantastic article by Pastor Leon Fontaine called "How To Live A Miraculous Life!" Enjoy!

If you want to live an amazing life filled with miracles, you need an abundance of two things: Faith and wisdom. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, whereas wisdom is the combination of good experience, knowledge and judgment. The first gives you something to believe in, and the latter helps you believe for the right things. It also helps you make choices that will help you achieve your goals. It is critical you understand that faith cannot do what wisdom needs to do, and wisdom cannot do what faith needs to do. For example, you can have faith that your rocky marriage will improve, but unless you make some wise choices to steer it in a different direction, it likely won’t change. You can believe in God for a miracle when it comes to your finances, but if you overspend or make other foolish decisions when it comes to money, you may not avoid facing a bankruptcy at some point in your future. It’s not that God wanted to punish you or refuse to grant you a miracle, but the consequences of your poor choices simply got in the way. On the other hand, if you are working at improving your marriage but in your heart you don’t believe it will ever get better, it likely won’t. Or if you’re stuck in the middle of a depression, you won’t have much luck just trying to think yourself through it. You need the combined strength of faith and wisdom.Simply put, faith and wisdom are the power twins to a miraculous life. Here are a few more thoughts:

1. Use faith and wisdom to guard your heart. Wisdom understands that your lot in life, in large part, is traceable back to your heart. In simple terms, when you have a good heart, you attract good things into your life.
When your heart is filled with anger, bitterness, and resentment, you attract misery and despair. Anyone who has ever experienced a string of bad relationships and perpetually attracts the wrong kind of partner will hopefully understand this principle. Quite often the reason is their faulty belief systems that exist in the heart. Use wisdom to examine the beliefs holding you down, and then ask God to help you change.

2. Jesus said our treasures flow from our heart. The three gateways to your heart are your eyes, ears and mouth.
Be diligent at what you put into your heart. What are you looking at, hearing and saying? Don’t be fooled if you don’t experience an immediate consequence to doing something you shouldn’t, such as viewing pornography, or abusing drugs or alcohol, to name a few. There may not be an instant repercussion, but it could change the trajectory of your life in subtle ways. Often times the consequence of an unguarded heart shows up years down the road as faulty belief systems destroys a person’s marriage, peace of mind, happiness or opportunity. Use wisdom to filter the stuff that gets into your heart.

3. Scripture has an amazing effect on the heart. God’s Word is like a scalpel that will cut out any faulty belief systems you have in your heart.
Spend time each day in prayer and meditating on His Word. When you integrate His word into your mind and heart, and you harmonize your heart with your beliefs, thinking and emotions, you’ll be amazed at the miracles that will come your way.

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