Monday, April 12, 2010

The End Of The World, Study Notes

I wanted to share with you some of the sources & resources that I use & have used in regard to my studies of the end times. Below is a video from Dr. George Wood, who is the leader of the Assemblies of God, our parent/affiliate organization. It's well done & he does a great job of explaining the second coming of Christ.

I also included some links to various authors that I'm learning from as I teach this series. We are highlighting some of these books during our series. The authors are well-respected scholars and Bible teachers and have a unique perspective in relation to end times events.

What In The World Is Going On? by Dr. David Jeremiah- click here for more answers to questions in regards to the second coming of Jesus Christ, messages and other resources
2012 The Bible and the End of the World, by Dr. Mark Hitchcock- click here for an interesting blog filled with discussions related to the end times and current events.
Understanding The Last Days, by Dr. Tim Lahaye- click here for more information about this best-selling author, scholar & bible teacher & his vast resources regarding the end times. Great stuff!
Dr. John Walvoord is one of the most respected & highly regarded teachers in relations to prophecy & the end times. You can read articles & find his books by clicking here!
*Though not a scholar, Joel Rosenberg has a unique insight & is a trusted voice in relation to the end times and current events. Click here to read more of Joel's material!

There are many other great prophecy teacher and others that tend to be a bit sensational. Always use caution, test the teachings in relation to scripture and remember that balance is the key to life! Most importantly, whatever you believe in regard to the specifics of Christ's return, remember that He has told us to go into all the World and to share the good news of Jesus Christ! (not pack up our bags, move to North Dakota & live in a cave to escape the end of the world :)