Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Great Opportunity To Invest!

This week we have incredible opportunity that I wanted to make you aware of! Most of you know my good friend Jason Rising as the man in charge of developing the organizational leadership of our church. Jason not only assists us for one week each month, but he also runs a full-time evangelistic ministry that focuses on the North East. As a church, we are not only thankful for his investment into our church but we believe in his ministry as well. We want to raise the funds necessary to secure vital resources for his summer mission trips this week. I wanted to make you aware of this unique opportunity. You can check out some the details below in this message from Jason!

"Right now! …we have an opportunity to impact thousands for Christ. Once a year we have a fundraiser to help purchase needed equipment and materials that will provide ways for us to expand our effectiveness in our outreaches. Last year, we raised money for two major items (Sound System & Powerade) and we saw God move. We accomplished that and more as we experienced one of the best summers yet. Thanks so much to each of you who gave!

This year we are going to again focus on raising money to attain another shipment of powerade and another major purchase of (2) Inflatable Bounce Houses. Here are a few details on both.

*1) (2) Inflatable Bounce Houses*
After thinking about this for the past 5 years I have felt the push from God to go ahead an make this purchase. We held over 45 outreaches this past summer and I cannot tell you enough that the bigger you go the bigger the crowd grows. My heart is to reach as many people as possible and whatever can help make that happen I am willing to do it. We have already placed the order for two 13ft x 13ft Bouncy Castles from the Inflatable Superstore based in Southern California. These guys have given us a great deal to the point of essentially giving us free shipping. The total cost for both inflatables is $2,800.00. A great deal for an all inclusive package with repair kit, blower, and warrantee.

*2) 30,000 bottles of powerade*
Once again we will be raising funds for the powerade again. Due to the project gas increases coming our way this summer we need to raise $2,500 for the Powerade for transportation costs this year. which is a little more than .08 a bottle. We reached so many people this past year by handing out free drinks. It made for amazing opportunities to share our faith with thousands of people at our outreaches and in the streets. We are excited to be doing this again this year! So what it boils down to is this…It costs $2,500.00 to transport the Powerade to my home base and that averages out to a little over 0.08 cents a bottle. Since we received a donation already we are asking for is 38 donors to donate $65.00 to help us finish raising what we need for this project. That means your $65.00 will average out to approximately 780 bottles.

To hear more about (& donate to) this incredible opportunity to help Jason & his team reach people far from God this summer, click here. Keep Jason & his team in prayer as they travel this summer & consider if the Lord would have you invest into these outreaches! Thanks for your consideration!"