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Disciple, Part 1

Today we started a new series called, "Disciple," that I adapted from Rick Warren's recent Radicalis conference. The question that I'm answering is this, "What does it mean to be a disciple?" The reality is that many people claim to be followers of Jesus Christ but simply don't understand what that really means. Jesus taught 6 expectations that He has for people that claim to be his followers, his disciples. Here are the notes below.


“Go and make disciples…” Matt. 28:19

“As Jesus was going down the road, he saw Matthew sitting at his tax-collection booth. "Come, be my disciple!," Jesus said. So Matthew got up and followed him.” Matt. 9:9 (NIV)

Greek word for disciple- mathetes; a learner, pupil, disciple, follower.

“IF you want to be my disciple you must come and follow me, because my servants must be where I am. And IF they follow me, the Father will honor them.” John 12…

Are You Ready To Grow Spiritually?

Over 400 people have made first time decisions or recommitments to follow Christ in the last 18 months!!  If you are one of them, CONGRATS!!You’re at the very beginning of a new life-- one filled with grace, peace, and joy that can only come from knowing God.  You’re invited this June to take part as we are launching a weekly new believer’s class called, “Fresh Start With God.”  This class 4 weeks in duration & will meet each week during the first service & you can join at any time.  It will encourage & empower you as you learn to follow Jesus Christ!  The Bible tells us to “Count yourself lucky, how happy you must be — you get a fresh start, your slate’s wiped clean.”  Psalm 32:11 (MSG)  When you make a commitment of your life to Jesus, not only is your “slate wiped clean”, you also get a “fresh start” – a new lease on life.  This class is designed to help you have a good start to your fresh start.  During these weeks together you’ll discover and begin to unwrap ten gift…