Thursday, September 9, 2010

How To Move From Kid CEO to Parent CEO, Pt.4

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Yesterday we learned that having consistent discipline is God's design for the family. One last time, the flow of the home looks like this: God --> Husband/Wife --> Child. We discovered that real parental love is present only where there is consistent discipline. The Bible teaches us in Proverbs 26:12, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Today, you need to develop a vision for your family with structure that is strategic! The final letter in the K.I.D.S. acrostic is "S" & it stands for...

Structure that’s STRATEGIC.

“He (God) will give you all you need from day to day if you live for Him and make the Kingdom of God your primary concern.” Matt. 6:33

Children scream for structure! According to family expert Gary Smalley, "Study after study has demonstrated that children need boundaries in order to grow up with a healthy sense of stability and security." In other words, good old fashioned rules still rule the house. When parents provide structure, they follow God's example and offer one of the greatest gifts they can give to their child.

Here's the deal, Parent-driven homes set the priorities PRIOR to activities. So how do you do that?
1. Give Your Kids Downtime. (Psalm 46:10) You must schedule your family/down time together. Free time is always free for others to take so be sure to put it on your calendar!
2. Give Your Kids A Set Bed-time. Here are some stats that Ed Young gives in regard to bed time that you don't want to be present in your home!
51% of kids 10-18 go to bed after 10pm
60% of kids 7-12 feel tired during the day
15% of kids fall asleep at school

3. Don’t OD on options. Consider not allowing more than 1 activity per child, per season. Don't put your family at risk by being overcommitted! (Luke 10:41-42) In this Biblical story, Mary ran around cramming and trying to get everything done, Martha sat at Jesus feet. Jesus told her that she did what was right.

The question is, are you choosing what is right for your family?

Remember, the Parent CEO driven household isn't a military academy masquerading as a home! It is a home that follows God's flow chart for the family and is based on structure and routine, a strong marriage (single parent- strong relationships), and a heart for God & His House!