Monday, September 27, 2010 Update- Team Work Makes The Dream Work!

Wow! What an incredible weekend we had in the life of our church! It was the biggest in the history of our church. (that I'm aware of at least) Here are some of the highlights...

-Michael Franzese did a fantastic job sharing his story. He's a such a genuine follower of Jesus with a crazy pill story that is really inspiring. The podcast will be up tomorrow & you can listen to the message by clicking here I also posted Michael's promo video & our promo video right below.

-The house was packed with over 1,000 people. 79 people watched online & 23 first-time visitors signed in (most normally don't so that was cool). Our church really stepped up & cared enough about their friends & family to bring them to the house to hear the good news of Jesus Christ!

-The new stage lighting was very cool, the worship team was tight & really created an atmosphere of excellence. Most importantly, they led us into the presence of God in a real & powerful way!

-We know that a number of people responded to receive the forgiveness & grace that only Jesus can provide! I don't have a definite count as of yet but many people responded & everyone heard a powerful message. I know that God is at work in the lives of so many. INCREDIBLE!

-Our teams of leaders that volunteer each & every week were absolutely FANTASTIC!! I was so proud of the passion & maturity of each & every one that served this past weekend. They represented our church & Jesus so well. Such an honor to serve alongside them.

It really does make teamwork to make the dream work! This weekend was a testimony of what can happen when a church unifies together around a vision & sacrifices to see it come to pass! The best is yet to come, we've only just begun! Way to go Freedom Lifers! It was so much fun... let's do it again this week! from Freedom Life Christian Center on Vimeo.