Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Special Announcement Update!

Huge announcement last week at Freedom Life! No, my wife is not pregnant but we're giving birth to some dreams & visions in the life of our church!
Last week I announced our new staff transitions as we prepare to plant a church in the Downingtown area. The new church is called Bridge Community & will be led by our former Familly Life Pastor, Bob Hulett. 4 years ago God put a desire in my heart to plant a church in this community & that day has finally come. Very exciting stuff! For more information about the church plant & their 1st preview service, you can go to their website at www.bridgecommunity.tv!
The Leadership team & I have been praying for some time about what this transition would ultimately look like after the church plant. God has led us to restructure our staff & put some incredible people over key areas in the life of our church. I'm so excited for the kids of our church & community in these different environments to have some of the best godly leaders on the planet! Here's the breakdown:

Family Life Pastor- Jacob Wood
Jake joined the Freedom Life staff in 2006 as Youth Pastor. He is the primary leader of Twentyfourseven Student Ministries . Jake along with his wife Kim have been a youth pastors for 12 years. Jake is our newly appointed Family Life Pastor & will oversee all areas from Nursery to Young Adults. He is passionate about seeing the lives of children, youth and young adults experience the freedom & life that only God can offer so they can become life long followers of Jesus Christ. For more information about these environments & how you can be involved, please contact jake@freedomlife.tv!

Preschool Director- Kim Wood
Kim Wood serves as the Nursery and Preschool director and is excited to see how God will work in and through the youngest generation of Freedom Life. Kim, along with her husband Jake, are the proud parents of 2 beautiful daughters and are in the process of adopting their 2 sons from Haiti. She can be contacted at kim@freedomlife.tv.

Elementary Director- Valerie Englerth
Valerie Englerth has been a part of the Freedom Life family since she was in high school. Vale, along with her husband Casey, have 2 amazing daughters. Valerie is the director over the Elementary kids at Freedom Life. She is passionate about seeing them grow into life long followers of Jesus Christ. Valerie can be contact at valerie@freedomlife.tv.

Jr. High Director- Christopher Fry
Christopher is currently a student at Valley Forge Christian College and has been studying under the youth ministry at Freedom Life for 2 years. He has a deep passion for the youth of this generation and desires to see them become world changers. Christopher spends his time studying for his Pastoral degree with a minor in Youth Ministry and investing in the lives of the students. He can be contacted at christopher@freedomlife.tv.

Pray for each of these fantastic leaders as they are committed to the success of our church & those entrusted to their care. I'm so excited about the future of our church & all that God is doing! God is good!