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Twitter Message For The Week- NEGATIVITY

This past weekend I talked about the reality that you need to Know & Apply The Power of a POSITIVE SPIRIT. When I mention a positive spirit, I not suggesting that we should just pretend to be happy & chipper. I believe that Christ-followers should be full of genuine hope & faith that is rooted in the promises of the living God! Learning to apply the power of a positive spirit will determine whether or not you will experience everything that God has for your life. The Israelites under the leadership of Moses missed their divine destiny because of their grumbling & negativity. (see Numbers 13:27-32; 14:24-28) God does not desire that we would miss out on His promises like that generation. He desires that you would be full of life, hope, love, encouragement & grace towards ourself & others. The question you need to ask yourself is this, "Are you living in the power of a positive, faith-filled Spirit?" Here are a few thoughts about what negat