Saturday, March 26, 2011

Thoughts from our "Daring" Men's Conference 2011!

Our men's conference was absolutely fantastic! Paul & Brandon Cole from the Christian Men's Network (, did an awesome job inspiring, encouraging & challenging the men of the house! Our men's team put together an excellent event that represented our church well & blessed the over 100 guys that came out! Here are a few thoughts that were shared in the sessions.

-Victory is always on the other side of the fight!
-Jesus is grace centered & all about your future.
-A champion isn't a man who never fails, A champion is a man who never quits.
-Absence of prayer is a form of hiding from God. (eg. Adam when He sinned)
-Maturity is the acceptance of responsibility.
-Manhood & Christlikeness are synonymous.
-Male by birth, Man by choice.
-When you limit yourself, you limit God.
-God commits to faithfulness, not charisma.
-God never ends anything on a negative, but everything on a positive.
-Create your life on the words of God, not on the words of people.
-Faithfulness is the cornerstone of character.
-God is looking at a man that will keep standing up when everyone else is bowing down.
-Meekness is strength under control.
-Confession of you mouth will create your world.
-Love always appreciates, lust always depreciates.
-To win in life you need wisdom, strategy for victory.
-Whiner's talk about what they are going through & winners look at what they are going to.
-Whatever captures your focus & attention will determine the direction of your life.
-Legacy is never about the past & always about the future.
-Success is to fully satisfy your personal design. (how/what/why God created you)
-Courage is knowing that God is with you.
-Your friends will carry you to your future.

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