Sunday, August 7, 2011

Honor Your Friends

This past weekend I had the privilege of hosting my good friend, Rick Shawley & his awesome family. Rick has been a great friend & influence in my life for over 20 years. Over 20 years ago He became my youth pastor & has been investing into my life ever since. A few months ago I asked Rick to come & share to our church so that I could honor him. The Bible teaches us that we should honor one another. Honor is the willingness to reward someone for their difference. It is not flattery. It must be genuine & heartfelt. I recently wrote a post about what the Bible teaches in regard to honor & you can read it by clicking here!

Real friends that love & believe in you don't come along every day & are a blessing from the Lord! The problem that we often have is we don't recognize how valuable the people in our lives really are. In other words, what you don't recognize, you don't honor. Honoring others is a big deal & it will elevate your life! I want to encourage you to recognize those in your life that make a difference & choose to honor them in some way today! Don't just feel it, show it! Make the call, write the note, send the email, buy the gift & esteem the people that God has placed in your life! Honoring others pleases God & qualifies you to enter any future that He has for you!