Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1 Way To Take Your Life To The Next Level!

Next week we will be launching something that has been in my heart for the life of our church! For well over 5 years I've been desiring to offer our church family, young & old, an opportunity to grow their faith to the next level through a college (like) experience. I've been wanting to offer something that will help people keep growing & gaining momentum in their lives without a great expense. The truth is that momentum graces our lives only when we keep moving forward & doing something new. My desire is that a holy momentum would permeate the life of every single person in our church & one of the ways to do just that is by continuing to learn.

After considering many different options for a continued learning experience, I came across Faith Works evening college, an initiative of Hillsong International Leadership College based in Australia. The material is excellent & the focus is life relevance versus test memorization. During year 1, the student will be able to earn a certificate in Biblical studies & learn how to live life well! Topics included in the course curriculum are:

The Heart of God and the Cross
The Word of God
Faith & God's Covenant
Worship & Spirit-Filled Life
Discovering Your Purpose In Life
Blessed To Be A Blessing
Transforming Your Thought Life
The Spirit of an Overcomer
Attitudes That Build The House
Heaven Is In This House

The cost is very reasonable, the material is first class & the opportunity is invaluable. I want to encourage you to seize the moment & consider being a part of Faith Works this year. If you are waiting until the new year to join, please understand that enrollment will not be open again until next fall. Year 1 is three terms of 10 weeks each finishing in May. If you attend another church or live out of the area, you're welcome to register & join us! For more details that will answer just about every question that you can think of, please visit us at www.faithworkscollege.tv! I truly believe that it will take your life to a whole nutha level!