Saturday, September 17, 2011

A 10 Point Strategy For Training Kids, by Willie George

Below is a 10 point strategy given by Pastor Wille George this past week on Twitter. I thought that it was so practical & excellent that I wanted to share it with you. Here's all of his words compiled together for the blog post. He's a great dispenser of wisdom & I recommend that you follow Him on Twitter & check out His resources at!

A 10 Point Strategy For Training Kids, by Willie George (via Twitter)

Every kid needs training. Some are easier. Some are fence-pushers. They're not evil just because they need correction. Most parents miss it by being inconsistent. Child-training is a long-haul game & good parenting is not a magic wand! Don't let your kids see you panic. If you don't know what to do with them, don't show it. There's always an answer!

#1- See each child as a gift from God. God doesn't give us kids we can't develop!
#2- Teach them the things of God. Kids learn in bits & pieces-not marathon sessions
#3- Correct them when they do wrong. Do it calmly, not in anger. Proverbs 22:8
#4- Reward them when they do right. Reward character more than talent!
#5- Teach them how to work. Let them earn money for the things they want. Inspect jobs!
#6- Do not undermine the authority you put them under. Support teachers, coaches, etc...
#7- Know what & who they are being exposed to. Some church members don't have your values.
#8- Participate in & help them with their interests. I built bike ramps, forts, etc...
#9- Claim God's promises for them. This saved my daughter's life. Know verses!
#10- Close the door on iniquity in your own life. What you allow finds your kids!