Monday, November 26, 2012

Isolating Insecurity- Book Review

I recently read the book "Isolating Insecurity," and thought that it was fantastic so I wanted to review it and share some of the highlights!  I highly recommend investing into yourself by picking it up.  You can click here to purchase your own copy.  This topic is of great interest to me because I've experienced the effects of insecurity in my life and I have seen the effects that it has on the lives of so many others.  Here are a few thoughts that Pastor Paul de Jong shared in this important book.

Insecurity exists in all of us.  We are all riddled with the limiting power of insecurity.  Consider this:  any unchallenged limitation will always end up producing future restriction.  Only as we understand insecurity can we begin to isolate it.

Here are the 12 ways that you can identify insecurity in your life.  Insecurity:

  • Fosters self-doubt (self-doubt is the voice of insecurity)
  • Focuses on the safe (Insecurity breeds a 'play it safe' gene)
  • Block affirmation (Value is found in a revelation of who God has made us to be)
  • Justifies a lack of personal responsibility (Personal responsibility gives insecurity little room to move)
  • Develops in the dark room of discouragement (Discouragement is usually the outcome of disappointments that have not been handed back to God)
  • Becomes defensive and unteachable (Insecurity resists the acceptance of wise counsel)
  • Keeps you subject to the past (If we don't resist the past we restrict tomorrow)
  • Continues to place judgement (Judgement is our smokescreen to our weakness)
  • Resists relational connection (Insecurity repels the very connection we long for)
  • Constantly finds itself comparing others (Comparison stops you from discovering who you really are)
  • Controls or is controlled (Unrestrained insecurity often expresses itself in domination)
  • Creates a future of compromise (If you don't deal with insecurity today, it will compromise your tomorrow)

You can begin to isolate insecurity by putting into practice these 7 keys:

  1. Acknowledge it's presence (We render insecurity powerless when we stop pretending)
  2. Confront it's dominance (Your loudest voice will dominate your life)
  3. Release your past (We must let go of what we can't change)
  4. Understand your uniqueness (Accept who you are, God does)
  5. Embrace your future (Our greatest failure is expecting never to fail)
  6. Establish effective boundaries (Insecurity grows once we are isolated)
  7. Continue insecurity check -ups (I am a work in progress)
Remember-  If you don't isolate insecurity, it will isolate you!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas Year-End Offering 2012

The Christmas Year End Offering is a year-end giving initiative that focuses on expanding our reach to people who need Jesus. This offering is above our normal tithes and offering. We will be receiving our Christmas offering beginning on Sunday December 16 & continuing the rest of the year. Please pray about being a part of this exciting opportunity as we spread hope into the new year!  

4 Ways That We Will Spread Hope This Christmas Though Our Year-End Offering!

#1 - In conjunction with the Spangler’s, our missionaries to Honduras, we will establish a church plant by providing facilities & support for their community outreach.

#2 - We will continue to help with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts by partnering with Oasis Church in Staten Island, NY to minister to that community.

#3 - We want to continue to expand our amazing youth ministry by providing a new van.  This will enable them to bring more teens to experience Jesus every week.

#4 - It is important that we continue to spread hope in our community at both locations by ending the year strong here at home.


You can make a pledge or give to our year-end offering by clicking here!