Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Decade Of Destiny, Year 2- Goals & Strategy

God has been gracious to our church as we have thrived by witnessing hundreds of people make decisions to follow Jesus, dozens more be baptized and powerful ministry occur in environments geared toward children, youth, young adults, married couples and others! 2012 marked the beginning of a 10 year vision for our church called, "Decade Of Destiny."  Year 2 begins this year and we are prophesying a year of INCREASE over our church family.  John the Baptist said this in John 3:30, "He must increase, but I must decrease.” (NASB)  Our desire is to decrease in the areas of our lives that are not a part of God's plan and to increase in those that are.  The Bible says, “... Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.”  Luke 2:52 (ESV)  That is our prayer for this year and these are our goals.  To read more about our Decade of Destiny goals, click here.


1.  We will establish a new small group and discipleship strategy.  This will enable us to  more effectively build community within our church family.  We will utilize 2 forty day campaigns in the first half of this year to begin.  Our goal is to have 40 different groups meeting in the life of our church.  Upcoming 40 day campaigns include:  The Bible Challenge (Feb. 3 - Mar. 10), What On Earth Am I Here For? (Purpose Driven Life, Apr. 7 - May 12)
During the summer of 2013 we will be training our core leadership and small group host/leaders in our new discipleship process to help people move forward in their faith through one on one relationships.
2.  Numerical- Break through 1,000 in consistent weekend attendance as people get planted in God's House so they can flourish in life.
3.  Salvation- Our goal is to see 1,000 people take their next steps in following Jesus this year in our community and all over the world!
4.  Church Planting/Missions-  We will partner with other organizations to plant 10 churches in the Dominican Republic, Cuba and here at home.  We also support missions work in Haiti, Honduras, India, and other parts of the world.  When you give towards our goal of $50,000 for missions, you are helping us accomplish this goal.
5.  We will continue to develop our community care / outreach strategy.  We currently give financially to various organizations, such as the Parkesburg Point, and offer a food bank that feeds up to 50 families each month.   We will begin new initiatives to better serve our community and share the gospel message to each person within our reach.
5.  Financial-  $1,250,000 (including Decade Of Destiny)  Through the sacrifice and dedication of God's people we will supply the vision that God has given us for this year.
6.  Expansion Fund Goals: $250,000---$150,000 towards the purchase of our new property that will be the site of our new strategic location for the future of Freedom Life! $100,000 will go towards establishing our new location in Coatesville and preparing for our next site in 2014.  This will enable us to reach into surrounding communities with our message of hope in Jesus. Commitment Sunday will be on January 27, 2013!
7.  We will increase our leaderships team capacity to multiply and grow with the vision.  To do this we will continue to offer FaithWorks Hillsong Extension College (  on Monday evenings for enrolled students. Growth Track classes will be available to every person in the church to help them move from an attender to contributor.  Growth Track will meet weekly at both locations.  We will also have quarterly leadership summits for all of our volunteers and quarterly gatherings for all of our team leaders that will empower their leadership along with one on one mentoring.
9.  We will invest into marketing and promotion to enable us to grow to the next level.  For years we have heard people say, "I didn't know this place existed or I would have been here sooner!"  We want to make it hard for people to go to hell in our community so we will be exploring new ways to reach more people through television, media, mailers, social media and so on.
10.  We will continue to focus on special services / events / conferences that build peoples lives.  They include:
-Marriage Retreat, Women's Conference, Men's Conference
-1st Wednesday Celebrations that combine all campuses to celebrate communion and be inspired by guest speakers.
-Relevant Biblical series to help you grow such as:  The Bible Challenge (Feb 3- Mar 10), There's An App For That! (Mar 10-24) What On Earth Am I Here For? (Apr 7- May 12), Solomon Says (July), My Back Story (September), Follow (Oct / Nov)