Sunday, June 15, 2014

Check Out These 5 Free Resources To Help You Become A Great Man & Father!

In honor of Father's day, here are the top 5 free resources on the internet to help you grow in your faith and become a great Dad!  Take a few minutes to invest into yourself.  You are worth it and you have what it takes!

1.  Pastor Dad- An short e-book with scriptural insights on fatherhood.  click here

2.  This website is packed full of resources to protect you and your family from the harmful effects of pornography. Years ago I downloaded their internet filter and accountability software for my smartphone, ipad and computer to guard my mind and heart. The best offense is a great defense. The generations following you and I are worth it! click here

3.  This website has excellent plans to help you read and understand the Bible better.  You can read or listen to the Bible via your smartphone as well as sign up for different devotional plans.  Here's one of my favs... click here

4.  Coach Tony Dungy helped launch this ministry that has excellent wisdom and tips for being a better leader, father & man.  I follow them on twitter/facebook/instagram and browse their website because of their concise articles which are really helpful. I strongly recommend investing into yourself by doing the same! click here

5.  Maximized Manhood-  This book by Dr. Edwin Louis Cole helped me so much as a young man & it's helped dozens of men in the life of our church.  His ministry sparked a generation and I believe will light a fire in your heart to rise up and become a man of God! click here

There it is. I hope that you'll consider investing into yourself. It's free. Takes minutes a day and it will help move your life forward as a man and a father... I know it has for me!