Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Big Announcement Regarding This Fall!

I have some very exciting news for you that will help you take your life to a whole NUTHA level this fall! Freedom Life is now offering the new Hillsong Ministry School in cooperation with Hillsong International Leadership College! This will replace our Faithworks Evening College and will enable us to offer a new and updated approach to growing in the Word and Leadership.  This one year program will begin this September 2015!

The subjects and some of the elements covered are:

  • Bible: Jesus, The Bible & You 

-How to read the Bible devotionally and for study purposes 
-Historical background to the Bible
-How to use all the Bible study tools
-How to get revelations from the Bible

  • Leadership: The Church & Your Leadership Journey 

-Learn effective leadership qualities and skills that can build your own life and the lives of others, seeing the kingdom of God move forward.

  • Lifestyle: Following Jesus 

-How to build a strong devotional life
-How to find your purpose in God
-How to live a life that can fulfill your purpose 
-How to hear from God

  • Theology: Faith Foundations  

-Develop a personal theology in a Biblical and thoughtful way that will be a blessing to you and your church community.

 The Monday evening Ministry School will follow the same nightly format as Faithworks evening college (7pm-9pm).  There will be 3 sessions per night instead of 2, with the 3rd session being a small group session. This will lead to more dialog and more discussion based learning. There will also be different requirements and homework assigned to you each week that will empower you to grow. You will earn a certificate of completion at the end of the course.  The course cost will remain the same at $600 per year and payment plans will be available!  Stayed tuned as we will have more information regarding how to register for this exciting opportunity in the coming weeks.   For more information or questions, contact!